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How to dynamically update your webinar and webcast recordings.

I know this might be a stupid question. But… Have you ever put together a powerpoint presentation, an html slide show (or any other type of presentation materials) and then realized you had typos, dead hyperlinks or images not displaying properly? If you're like me, I'm sure you have. And although it is mostly just […]


How To Reproduce Recorded Webinars & Webcasts For Downloading Onto PDA Devices & iTunes

The following is an excerpt from a article I found about “Content Repurposing” at It was obviously written by a propeller head. But you should definitely read it. Here’s that excerpt, followed by my interpretation of what the article actually says, along with a video that will show you how you can repurpose […]


How You Can Use Web Conferencing To Create Personalized Customer Support Recordings

When was that last time you filled out a support request on a website and in return received a personalized video response with specific answers and instructions relating to your specific question or issue? Let me guess… unless you've actually experienced the way I personally handle pre-sales questions and customer support inquiries… probably never. I'm […]


How To Publish Your Interactive Audio & Video Updates, Webinars & Webcasts To The Internet

I would have to say that the two most frequently asked question I receive all the time are these… What format are the Web Meet Live recordings in? …. AND… How do I publish my recordings to the Internet for on demand viewing? If you've had the opportunity to watch some of my other instruction […]


How To Produce Interactive Audio & Video Updates, Newsletters & eZines

      Back in 1998 when I first started using web conferencing to meet with prospects and host online training sessions, to be completely blunt, the services were sort of a pain in the ass to use. To make matters worse,  none of them had any sort of built in recording feature, which meant […]


How To Use Your Web Conference Room To Produce MP3s & Flash (.flv) Videos

When I first started using WordPress as my blogging platform, I knew that I wanted to be able to include audio and video on my blog posts. But I had absolutely no idea how to go about it.  What format do my audios need to be? What format do my videos need to be? How […]