Free Web Conferencing Breakout Meeting Rooms from Web Meet Live…

Web Meet Live recently announced that all new and existing customers who have a 15 user unlimited monthly  use web conference room account (or higher) will receive 3 additional breakout meeting rooms absolutely free!

This is exciting news for those who have a need for multiple conference rooms for on the fly breakout sessions, as well as for those who simply need additional meeting rooms for specific uses. 

For example, in addition to your main meeting room, you can use another for personal coaching and consulting, another for student study groups, and still have yet another  you can set up for live customer support on your website, just like on the Web Meet Live contact page

The following demonstration video was produced as a supplement to a Web Meet Live product demonstration webinar I hosted on July 15, 2010. If you were unable to attend, and you would like to view the 50 minute recorded webcast in its entirety, you can watch it here!




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