How To Produce On Demand Webcasts & Webinar Recordings

The webcast creation – recording feature of Web Meet Live is very powerful, yet simple to use. This video shows you how to easily record your webinars for publishing for on demand viewing online…




Web Meet Live records all voice, webcam video, public text messages, co-browsing slides, powerpoint slides, whiteboard slides, screencasts and whiteboard annotations. These recorded presentations may then be placed on your website for on demand viewing by your visitors.

Web Meet Live presentations can be fully experienced on any system running Flash Player version 9 or later.  Supported browsers include Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Turn on recording

Pull down the File menu and select Record Presentation, or just press Alt+R

Destination Folder

Your recorded webcasts are saved into a default folder in your documents called "webcasts" and named with date and time:

Recording in Progress

While recording is in progress, all audio, webcam video, public text messages, browser navigations and whiteboard events will be recorded. Note the letter R in a yellow circle beside Alice’s name, indicating that she is recording:

Also note that the status bar shows Recording

Notice that you may Pause and Resume Recording at any time by selecting "Pause Recording" from the File menu or by tapping Alt+P on your keyboard.

Stop Recording

When the presentation has ended, turn off recording by pulling down the File menu, and again selecting Record Presentation, or simply tap Alt+R.

Recording Complete (Windows)

Recording Complete (MAC)

Every recorded presentation consists of several files including a generated web page, compressed audio / video, a flash player applet, and image files from the presentation. The name of the folder changes depending on the name you provided when recording was initiated, however, the individual files contained in the recording always have the same names:

  • index.htm : web page used to start playback
  • player.swf : Flash player applet
  • presentation.flv: Flash audio/video (Windows only)
  • presentation.mp3 : MP3 audio (Windows only)
  • QuickTime audio/video (Mac only)
  • presentation.xml : data file containing text chat, captions, etc.
  • swfobject.js – JavaScript helper file used by index.htm
  • img : folder containing images, flash slides and screencast files


To begin playback, simply open the index.htm file in your browser. For best results, we recommend the latest version of the FireFox web browser and Flash Player.

Flash player 9 or later is required to play back a presentation.  If the presentation player does not appear as shown above, visit and make sure that you have the latest version of the Flash plugin.

Internet Explorer security restrictions may prevent the presentation from loading from your hard drive.  In such cases, click on the IE InfoBar (the yellow bar at the top of the Internet Explorer window) and allow the content to load, or upload the presentation to a website.  For best results, we recommend Mozilla FireFox as your web browser for playing presentations.

Additional security restrictions imposed by the Flash Player may prevent web pages from loading properly when a presentation is played back from your hard drive.  In such cases, upload the presentation to a website, and begin playback from the Internet.


You may now upload the completed presentation to your website. When uploading recordings to the web, upload the entire presentation folder, including all files. For example, if you upload a folder called SalesMeeting to your website, you can begin playback by accessing the URL:

To view a pre-recorded webcast that includes webcam video, powerpoint and synchronized web pages, please visit

Thanks for viewing, reading and listening…

Hope to speak with you soon!

Tim Romero
Owner – Founder 
Web Meet Live Web Conferencing

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2 Responses to “How To Produce On Demand Webcasts & Webinar Recordings”

  1. Great site!! Is this an alternative to gotomeeting and where are the on-demand webcasts hosted (your site or customers)??

  2. Tim Romero says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Sorry for the delay responding to your comment. I finally figured out how to use the Akismet plugin to weed out all the comment spam I receive on a daily basis, so I can now easily find legitimate comments!

    Yes, Web Meet Live is definitely an alternative to GTW, as well as others like WebEx, Adobe, Net Meeting, which many people find to be cumbersome and unreliable. At least that’s what I hear from my customers who have tried other services in the past.

    Most of the complaints I hear about have to do with accessibility issues. To be more specific, webinar hosts get upset when it takes 20 to 30 minutes just to get everyone past the technical challenges of logging into a meeting room.

    But this is typical when using peer to peer technology, as opposed to a server based solution, like Web Meet Live.

    You may want to take a look at the video on this web conferencing comparison post to get a better idea of what I am talking about…

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