How To Reproduce Recorded Webinars & Webcasts For Downloading Onto PDA Devices & iTunes

The following is an excerpt from a article I found about “Content Repurposing” at It was obviously written by a propeller head. But you should definitely read it.

Here’s that excerpt, followed by my interpretation of what the article actually says, along with a video that will show you how you can repurpose your recorded webinars (a.k.a. webcasts) to look pretty good on a PDA (hand held device)…

“Content repurposing is the reorganizing of data for presentation on different display hardware (Singh, 2004). It has been particularly important recently with the growth of handheld devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), sophisticated telephones, and other small specialized devices.

Unfortunately, such devices pose serious problems for multimedia delivery. With their tiny screens (150 by 150 for a basic Palm PDA or 240 by 320 for a more modern one, vs. 640 by 480 for standard computer screens), one cannot display much information (i.e., most of a Web page); with their low bandwidths, one cannot display video and audio transmissions from a server (i.e., streaming) with much quality; and with their small storage capabilities, large media files cannot be stored for later playback.

Furthermore, new devices and old ones with new characteristics have been appearing at a high rate, so software vendors are having difficulty keeping pace. So some real-time, systematic, and automated planning could be helpful in figuring how to show desired data, especially multimedia, on a broad range of devices…”

In Plain English?

Most content that is viewable on the web, including a full screen webcast, is too big to fit on a tiny screen!

This video below will give you a push in the right direction, as far as a “Re-recording and Repurposing Your Webcasts To Look Good On Those Tiny Little Screens”

I use Camtasia Studio to produce all my screen capture videos. For me it has been totally worth the $300 I paid for the software. You can get a 30 day free trial here. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can get free screen capture recording software at




If you would like to view the example produced in the above video, click here!

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